Without proper accounting, your corporation is going nowhere. The structured recording of expenditures, income and financial position of your company is the foundation on which you can build long term.

What about the financial health of your company? Did you make a profit this year or a loss?

Do you follow a proper financial plan? Where is your break-even point? And what is your cash flow? In short, is your business healthy? Van den Berghen Accountants & Tax Consultants provides a clear answer to all these questions.

Your personal account manager can also take care of all your financial obligations and tax returns. He or she guarantees a very accurate service, including a clear and unambiguous communication, using know-how and continuing education. This way you never have to worry about your accounting and taxes and you can therefore focus on growing your business. If needed, you can receive all administrative support needed to carry out your payments and/or filling out/mailing any required documents.