Tax & Legal

Every company, big or small, is subject to various forms of taxation: fees, taxes on income from operations as well as indirect taxes such as VAT (European sales tax). The Belgian and international tax laws and regulations are very complex and very difficult for non-specialists to master. We can think along with you, provide informed advice and discuss the various lines of strategy in taxation.

In addition to being able to file your tax returns, we can also defend them in your favor using the laws, jurisprudence or doctrine applicable to you. Van den Berghen Accountants & Tax Consultants will gladly dedicate itself for your cause.

A correct VAT (European sales tax) tax, corporate and personal income tax return? We work in an honest, correct and smart way. Our knowledge of what is possible and allowed within the changing legislation, creates room to look for the most interesting strategy for your company. Both in the areas of tax and corporate law.